We utilize eggs from our own flock of organic hens and use the finest quality local ingredients.Understanding that each guest has unique preferences, we offer different options for your in-home dining pleasure...




Drop-Off Breakfast

Minimum Number of Adults: 6                       

Don't settle for granola and yogurt, start your day off with a well balanced meal!  We prepare your selections and drop them off the night before with everything packed in disposable containers so there is no clean up needed!  Each dish will be labeled with simple reheating instructions as needed.



Full Service Breakfast

Minimum Number of Adults: 6                        

Whether you want to dine as a group or have a hot breakfast prepared for each guest as they rise to greet the day, our staff will take car of your every need.  Wake up to fresh fruit juices, eggs cooked to order and a variety of side dishes to help you start the day off right.