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A selection of the finest local cheeses and accutrements such as:


Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam (soft cow)

Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog (soft goat)

Bellwether Farms Pepato (hard sheep)

Central Coast Bishop's Peak (alpine style cow)

Pt. Reyes Bay Blue (cow)

Rustic Bakery Sea Salt and Olive Oil Crackers

Anjou Fruit Nut Crostini

Chef's Brandied Fruit

Salted Cashews

Smoked California Almonds






We make and source the finest cured meats available to provide you with an outstanding selection such as:


Fra'mani Salametto Piccante (spicy pork)

Avalanche Farms Finocchionna (pork & goat)

Proscuitto San Danielle (pork)

Creminelli Whiskey Salame (pork)

House Made Terrine (rabbit/duck/pork)

House Cured Gravlox (salmon)

House Made Pickles

House Made Mustard

Della Fattoria Baguette




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